MicroSoft Announce Windows 8 :(

There’s only one thing for it …

Post inspired by : Bill Gates

When You’re At The Top …

The only way is down :o

Man, gravity sucks, however a real star shines day and night.”

Excellent harmony and melody.

Post inspired by 

Felix Baumgartner

… If The Glove Fits …

Mittens sounded so warm and cuddly.

But little did they know, he had a secret. A BAD secret.

A secret that was soon be revealed …

Romney Loves Big Bird 

Cutler Waterworth Band


Post inspired by :schiffradio

He Said What ?

Abolish the IRS?

End the war in Afghanistan?

Smoke the Peace Pipe? 

There’s only one track gonna get this boy to his destination …

Post inspired by Gary Johnson via Peter Schiff

Behold The Four C’s …

Calmness, Centredness, Concentration, Creativity and the World is your oyster !

Oh don’t forget to breathe

Post Inspired by : Dr Jay Kumar via Doug Stephan

Der DJ

So Long … Farewell …

I listened to Chris Moyles ONCE. OMG what a crank! Rapping about flying back from Dublin and Steve Nolan’s eating habits. Radio One GOLD!

Jon Gaunt

    Post inspired by : Chris Moyles

Personen by D.

Obama IS Working But Can We Do It ?

Si Se Puede. But only after a quick boogie and I’ll still vote for the guy who can play Latino music like this!!

BTW That’s not what I meant by ‘dig’, you dig?

Barack Digging   

Ray Camacho Band

Post inspired by : US Democratic Presendential Nomination

If You See Beagle, Tell It “Wǒ Aì Nǐ”

Mars Curiosity  Ok, we lost Beagle, but we can’t go wrong with a Sitar, Indian drums and pipes, courtesy of Ravi Shankur neatly mashedup by Mars.


Post inspired by NASA

… Bolt up there …

Easy as 1-2-3: Warren Weir, Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake after dominating the 200m final Photo: AP

Did someone mention ‘Gold’? If Howlin Wolf is good enough for Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones, he’s good enough for me ! 

Howlin' Wolf
Post inspired by Usain Bolt